Seoul, central region hit by snow, but heavy snow advisories removed

5 years ago
Most of us in Seoul woke up to a fresh white blanket of snow this morning.
It was the season's first heavy snowfall ... and it's still coming down... although it's becoming less intense.
Our Hong Yoo starts us off with an update on the wintery weather.
It was a tough commute on Thursday morning for people heading to work or school in Seoul as a bout of heavy snow started to fall at around 5am.

"The early morning snow had briefly stopped but it has now picked up again and a lot of snow is falling down.
About one centimeter of snow was forecast for Seoul but that number looks likely to change."

Some modifications have been made to Thursday's forecast.
Heavy snow advisories that were issued for some parts of Gyeonggi-do Province and Gangwon-do Province have been lifted.

The Korea Meteorological Administration said clouds created by warm air off South Korea's west coast, which were expected to dump heavy snow onto the central region, did not grow as big as previously forecast.

Western regions will see up to three centimeters of snow on Thursday,.. while another centimeter is expected in the central region.

The daytime high will top out at three degrees Celsius in Seoul, but frigid air will flow in from tonight,... causing the mercury to plunge.
Friday's morning low will tumble to minus eight degrees Celsius in Seoul... and forecasters say it'll remain bitterly cold all weekend.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.