S. Korea asks N. Korea to close one open gunport near sea border

  • 6 years ago
국방부 "北 개머리지역 해안포 4개중, 2개 미확인, 1개는 계속 열려…전통문 발송"

While the two Koreas have been drawing down weapons along the border... this morning, Seoul's defense ministry confirmed that Pyeongyang has not closed one of its four gunports near the maritime border.
The ministry sent a message to the regime, asking to close it.
According to an official from the nation's defense ministry, North Korea responded...saying that the matter will be dealt with after it's reported to higher authorities.
The two Koreas agreed in September to cease all hostile acts on land, sea and air starting November 1st.
That includes covering up artillery guns and closing all gunports near the sea border.
But as of Thursday, of the North's four gunports near Yeonpyeong-do Island, one was closed, one was open and the other two were hidden from sight due to vegetation.