Luxury Yachts and Other Boats Washed Ashore by Powerful Typhoon Mangkhut

  • 6 years ago
Hundreds of vessels, from luxury yachts to dinghies to dragon boats, were washed ashore, damaged or sunk by the powerful Typhoon Mangkhut, which pummeled Hong Kong on Sunday, September 16.In Sai Kung, one of the worst-hit districts, many boats were submerged or damaged.The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and the Aberdeen Boating Club also reported vessels being damaged, beached, or missing.These videos, mostly shared on September 17, show a luxury yacht washed ashore at the Sai Kung promenade.Mangkhut, reported as the biggest storm of 2018, uprooted an estimated 1,500 trees in the city, leaving more than 1,000 roads blocked, the South China Morning Post reported. Credit: Design Living via Storyful