Air Chiefs on Rafale jets, says very few countries facing challenges like US

  • 6 years ago
India has hostile neighbours, both on its northern and its western borders. And in the eventuality of an escalation of hostilities who flies our fighter aircrafts? It is not the politicians, it is not the congress party, and it is our brave pilots. And it is these brave soldiers who have spoken out. Air chief Marshal BS Dhanoa has said in as many words that the Rafale aircrafts, the most modern in the IAF. Will ensure India is able to fight on both the fronts. The kind of danger that no other country in the world is facing. Experts say, had these rafael aircraft been with India at Kargil war, we would not have lost our brave soldiers. Its pintpoint precision would have minimised our casualties, its ability to fly at very high altitude locations like Leh, a beyond visual range of 150 kms compared to Pakistan's BVR of 80 kms will give the advantage, depth and tactical support to our air force. At a time when its fleet is most depleted. It was the air chief who 2 years back had raised alarm signals when he spoke about India’s limited capability against its neighbours and now has said these aircrafts will boost our capabilities. Is it time for netas to stop the bickering. Our brave forces have spoken. Is it time to end the political blame game that has severely impacted our military capabilities in the past?