President Moon, Cabinet and ruling party lawmakers to work together on economy, North Korea

  • 6 years ago
We start with a working-lunch between President Moon Jae-in, top officials from the government, and lawmakers from South Korea's ruling bloc.
On the day's political menu was the country's economic situation and efforts to foster lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.
Shin Se-min reports.

Three-way talks on swiftly implementing the Moon administration's policy initiatives.
President Moon Jae-in, Cabinet ministers and ruling party lawmakers agreed on Saturday to join forces as partners in handling state affairs.
Holding the first such meeting since the election of the new leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea and the recent Cabinet shake-up, all the participants expressed solidarity to achieve that goal.
President Moon asked for support on shifting the economic paradigm in South Korea and laying a peaceful foundation for a prosperous Korean Peninsula.

"This is no easy task because it has never been done before. My will and that of the government is not enough. Without a united front from the ruling party, the government and the top office, these tasks will not be accomplished."

President Moon's remarks come on the back of continued disappointing employment figures and sagging consumer sentiment in South Korea.
Instead,... the president focused on his determination to shape a fair and righteous nation -- and overcoming a prolonged era of deep-rooted corruption and social evils.
The president's concerns were well received by Lee Hae-chan, who's just a week into his new role as head of the ruling party.
Lee stressed the utmost importance of a successful second year for the administration,... saying he would do his part by fostering bipartisan support for the president's policies.

"With the president, policy makers and lawmakers pledging to join hands in handling state affairs,... there’s hope some of the Moon administration's economic and peace policies will receive a degree of legislative backing-- one of the most burning issues being the ratification of the Panmunjom Declaration.
Shin Se-min, Arirang News."