Best seller Habit Stacking for Entrepreneurs: Using the Powerful of Habits to Turn Small

  • 6 years ago
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Everyone knows that it is difficult to break old habits and painstaking to build new ones, but most of us don t really understand why. New advances in brain science offer a better understanding of what keeps us from making the big changes we want to make to improve our lives and build our businesses. In "Habit Stacking for Entrepreneurs: Using the Power of Habits to Turn Small Changes into Big Results" Bestselling author Ric Thompson provides you with the step-by step process you need to identify the right habits to build off of, figure out which habits are suitable for stacking, and create habit stacking routines that have the best chance of helping you easily and effortlessly reach your objectives. With the information and exercises provided in this book you ll know: What habit stacking is, the science behind it, and how you can use it to quickly and easily make big changes, one small habit at a time Why it is so hard to build and break habits, we re actually neurologically wired to NOT change How stacking habits works, you actually do this without ever even thinking about it What existing habits make good base habits, not all habits are created equally A step by step process for building a habit stacking routine, you can adapt this to create as many of your own routines as you like The rules to follow when creating habit stacks, mess this up and the process won t work From helping you understand why stacking new habits on existing habits makes building new habits easier to providing you with actionable exercises to teach you to make your own stacks, this book give you the information you need to start turning small changes into big results in your business and your life!"