Our New Friend, Gani (30 mins) l Episode 9 l Tayo the Little Bus

  • 6 years ago
Who is Hanas best helper? Probably. Gani? :) Gani is still new in the bus garage but he already fits perfectly as one of bus member. There you go, Gani!\r
Let us take back to when we first met Gani! Did you know that Gani had a memory chip from Wondi the old best friend of Hana? A new red bus called Gani joins .\r
Hana feels traces of her old friend Wondie in Gani, the new bus. Curious if Gani shares Wondies memories, Hana volunteers to help Gani in driving practice.\r
A truck sneezes and covers Gani with exhaust fumes on Ganis way back to the garage. Gani becomes scared of shots when he sees the truck getting a painful .