EMERGENCY Kyrie Irving Injury Podcast w/ Jared Weiss

  • 6 years ago
In this episode, Jared Weiss joins Sam Vecenie and chats about the Kyrie Irving injury. What exactly is Kyrie Irving's injury in detail? What procedure is he undergoing? How does this affect the Celtics moving forward this season? Do they have a legitimate chance to make the Eastern Conference finals, still? All that and more thoughts on the roster as a whole, including Marcus Morris, Terry Rozier, and more.

Also, they discuss the long-term ramifications of the Kyrie injury. Should the Celtics offer him a long-term extension now following this issue? Does this affect how the Celtics have to build their roster moving forward?

Also, at the start, they discuss Kyrie's personality and intellectual curiosity, asking the simple question: What is a drugged-up, coming-out-of-surgery Kyrie Irving like?