South Korea's current account surplus records US $1.7 bil. in April

  • 6 years ago
South Korea's current account posted a surplus for the 74th consecutive month in April,.... but the surplus contracted to a six-year low.
The Bank of Korea says,.... the country's current account surplus was.... one-point-seven billion U.S. dollars in April,.... about half the size of April 2017's three-point-six billion dollar surplus.
The Bank attributed the fall to a slight decline in the goods account surplus..... and a sharp rise in dividend payouts, ....which hit a record high of 7-point-5 billion dollars.
But the services account deficit shrunk on a turnaround in Chinese visitors.... as the number of Chinese visitors to Korea was up over 60 percent on-year in April.
The travel account deficit for the same month... was around one billion dollars, the lowest since December 2016.