Easy DIY Gothic/Emo Inspired Outfit/Dress + Back to School Outfits Review

  • il y a 6 ans
Romwe Promotional Activities : \r
Blue Printed Ruffle Hem Zipper Blouse: \r
Black Lapel Zipper Minimalist Slim Dress: \r
DIY pattern:\r
DIY ruffle :\r
How to sew zipper: \r
DIY Bow :\r
DIY bell sleeves: \r
For skirt part, I should not make a circle skirt. I should gather one edge of a rectangle into a skirt, so the pattern will not upside down. Please notice this if you are going to make something similar like this outfit. ^^ Im in love with outfit. I wish I made skirt the better way. Dress is designed by me. \r
Bg music: Nemesis from youtube library \r
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