DTube Tip: Forget Fear and Create Daring Content
  • 6 yıl önce
# Hey DTube It's Your Beloved Blockchain Wolf Cartel

If you ever felt stuck or out of ideas you need to start re-evaluating whether you are just holding on to your comfort zone in creating videos. The best metric for evaluating your content is fear. If creating your videos is not creating fear in you then you are not being daring enough. Recently I asked my audience to decide where I would travel: they chose Cambodia. So within days I was in Siem Reap enjoying some Tomb Raider scenery. I was scared to take this step but it payed off personally and for my vlog :) So I encourage you to start being daring too...

# Disclaimer
You should only be afraid because you are out of your comfort zone. Not because you're about to do something unethical/illegal ok? :)

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