Quick Charer Creation in MakeHuman

  • 6 years ago
In this video well go over how to use MakeHuman in order to create a realistic looking male model. There are a ton of settings that can be tweaked in order to get the kind of human model you want so we only cover the basics as this video can easily be 30-45 mins in length. A lot of the settings are fairly straightforward to understand so it shouldnt be much of an issue. We show you how to change your default female charer into a male, how to adjust the muscle tone, weight and individual settings for each area of the body. Settings include increasing the diameter of his neck, or legs, along with adjusting symmetrical values of the face and chest. There are enough settings to adjust to please just about everyone. We end the video after weve adjust the size of our charers calves, thighs and biceps. In the next video well be going over how to add clothes, adjust the skin tone, add hair and how to finally export our charer for use in Blender.