77 ★POWERFUL★ Self Confidence Affirmations #1 - Self Esteem Wealth Money Prosperity Abundance

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These Amazing Self Confidence Affirmations Will Change Your Life!! Unlimited Self Esteem, Wealth, Money, and Prosperity are Yours!! 77 ★POWERFUL★ Self Confidence Affirmations - Self Esteem Wealth Money Prosperity Abundance\r
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I am bold and outgoing\r
Confidence comes naturally to me \r
I confidently speak my mind without hesitation\r
I am free to be myself\r
I am unique\r
Developing confidence improves my life\r
I easily stay persistent and push through the setbacks\r
I am worthy of great love and I deserve to be loved fully and completely\r
I am assertive \r
I believe that I can achieve anything I want\r
My personality exudes confidence\r
I find it easy to make decisions on my own terms\r
I just have a natural inner hardness\r
I tell others how I feel\r
I like myself better each day\r
I speak my mind without fear of rejection\r
I confidently meet any challenge\r
I am self-reliant, creative and persistent in whatever I do\r
I am worthy of great love\r
I can stand up to anything\r
I am confident when talking to others\r
I value my beliefs and opinions\r
I always stand up for myself and my beliefs\r
I always do the things I love \r
I can do anything I set my mind to do\r
I bring something different to my environment\r
Improving my self esteem is very important\r
I am naturally care free\r
My opportunities are unlimited\r
I always see only the good in others, and I attr only positive people\r
I am confident that I can achieve anything\r
My mindset is that of a positive and happy person\r
I always find a way to succeed\r
I realize that I am equal to my peers\r
I am original\r
I am talented at many things\r
I think positively about myself no matter how others may feel\r
I can forgive and understand others and their motives\r
I am a winner\r
I always take the risk of going after something I want\r
I know I can achieve anything\r
I have a natural inner hardness\r
I am very attrive\r
I am flexible and open to change in every aspect of my life\r
I respect myself deeply\r
I am fearless \r
I can easily overcome any failures or setbacks\r
I have the power to change myself\r
I believe in myself completely \r
Speaking my mind with confidence is something I just naturally do\r
It is enough to have done my best\r
I am strong against negative life circumstances \r
I find it easy to go after what I want\r
I am a positive thinker and only think about the best possible outcome\r
Caring about what others think is something I am free from\r
I accept challenges with enthusiasm and confidence\r
I am as important as anyone else\r
I am always positive\r
Developing assertiveness will improve my life\r
I always express my thoughts and opinions with confidence\r
I am bold and brave\r
I can face anything that confronts me\r
I accept myself no matter what happens\r
I love challenges, they bring out the best in me\r
My skin is clear and radiant\r
People see me as someone who goes after what they want\r
I have something special to offer the world\r
I am able to handle whatever life brings my way\r
I achieve massive success\r
I am always honest with myself\r
Feeling good about myself is normal for me\r
Others see me as confident and successful\r
My opinions are important\r
I am a high achiever\r
I am naturally carefree \r
I am the kind of person who confidently goes after success\r
I am in control of my life\r
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77 ?POWERFUL? Self Confidence Affirmations With Rich Soothing Music #1 - Self Esteem Wealth Money Prosperity Abundance\r
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