Tech It And Go: Six weirdest apps on the Google Play Store

  • 6 years ago
Did you know that you could geotag your poop or be a Goat that can drag a person by its tongue?

Weird, eh? That's why we reviewed the weirdest apps available on the Google Play Store!

Google Play Store has 3.5 million apps that range from popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp to the more quirky ones like Goat Simulator and Pimple Squeezer.

These games are absolutely free, so you can try them right away!

You can now act cool in front of your friends, you're welcome.

Here's the links to the apps on the Play Store:

goosebumps. -

RunPee -

Goat Simulator -

Pimple Squeezer -

Poop Map -

Teenage Repellent: Ultrasound -