Old NY bridge to be used for artificial reefs in Long Island - TomoNews
  • 6 years ago
TARRYTOWN, NEW YORK — New York state announced a plan to use the demolished Tappan Zee Bridge to build new artificial reefs off Long Island's North Shore.

New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that 43,200 cubic yards of the old Tappan Zee bridge will be dumped into coastal waters off of Long Island.

In the first phase of the project, cleaned and recycled materials from the old bridge, steel pipe, and jetty rock will be submerged to build the artificial reefs.

The artificial reefs will be expanded at six locations off of Long Island's North Shore.

The artificial reefs will create an environment similar to a natural reef for fin fish, shellfish, and sea grass to regrow.

Governor Cuomo said the project is the largest expansion of artificial reefs in state's history and will boost Long Island's recreational and sport fishing industries.