The Groups that had Disney World Cast Members Afraid- Ep 15 Confessions of a Theme Park Worker

6 years ago
Most groups at Disney World are great- lots of fun, well behaved. but there were a few that werent just bad. They were horrible. And there was one that you heard rumors about, that people just hated when they arrived. Here they are and a couple of stories explaining why. (Just so you know, I am NOT saying that people from these places are horrible, just certain groups of them and the way they behaved)\r
Two things to know: 1. I no longer work at Disney. I left back in new 2. I dont hate Christians (Im a pastor, that would be stupid) or the country these groups were from.\r
A behind the scenes look at what a former worker at Disney World, Silver Dollar City, and Busch Gardens Florida experienced in his time working at the parks. From driving large safari trucks around live wild animals while cracking one silly joke after another, to spending 5 years as a photopass photographer at Walt Disney World and seeing and experiencing all sorts of things, to being a conductor and train robber on the famous Frisco Silver Dollar Line at Silver Dollar City. With 10 years of working in the parks, theres lost of stories to tell. Here is some of them.\r
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