Mal Finds Ben in Ravens Compendium - Part 7 - Moana Descendants in Wonderland Disney

  • 6 years ago
Mal finds a whistle that calls the Raven. Raven takes Mal to the Writing Desk. There she finds the Compendium of Wonderland. It contains all of the stories of Wonderland including what already happened and what will eventually happen. \r
Mal finds the story of Ben fighting Jabberwocky. But the next part of the story is missing. Mal flies to the Red Queens castle to find the missing volume. In the Red Queens garden, she meets Ben and tells him everything she knows about the Compendium.\r
Ben receives Lizzys secret message about how to escape from his prison. But he also receives a message that Mal is in Wonderland. He doesnt want to leave Wonderland without Mal. \r
He proposes to play a game with the Red Queen. He flips a coin. If the Red Queen guesses correctly, he grants one of her wishes. If she guesses wrong, she grants one of Bens wishes. The Red Queen wins first time, so Ben grants her wish to get pink roses. Second time, shes loses. Ben asks to see her vault. \r
In the vault, Ben finds the next volume of the Compendium. The Red Queen explains that the book contains stories of everything that will happen. But there are blank pages in between. She tells Ben that anything that is already written down cannot be changed and it will always happen. But the blank pages can still be changed.\r
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