Worlds Greatest Toys Shopping Place ToysRus New York​​​

  • 6 years ago
Worlds Greatest Toys Shopping Place ToysRus New York !!! Subscribe pls: \r
New York, New York !!!! We are in New York !!! So famous place. And there is really great store - Toys R Us !!! Sammies the best shop. In the center of Time Square, between many different and big buildings we found this shop and we went inside to see all the toys. Sammie was so so happy. He could see so many toys inside. Everything was divided for sections. The first section Sammi decided to see was Star Wars. He saw there many toys and bags, towels with Star Wars theme. Also they could see the collectors case - special edition with all minifigures from Star Wars. That was really cool. Then they went to Lego section. The big dinosaur welcomed Daddy and Sammie at the front of Lego Jurassic Park. He was moving and he seemed strange voices. Beside this section, Sammie saw a big big Minion and the small clothes for minions. They were really very sweet and cute :) and Qixels. He saw also a lot of toys for girls - very pink and cute. In the Play-Doh section they saw sets with Superheroes from Marvel and Star Wars, and the Jack and the Pirates from the Netherland. Then we saw a lot of different toys and sets from Ninja Turtles. Sammie really likes this charer. But he couldnt get everything from this shop :( The huge Holk from Lego bricks tried to scary Sammie, but Sammie was very brave :) In the Lego Minecraft section Sammie was checking, if there is some new sets. Finally he decided to buy Lego Fusion - Battle Towers. This set is very new, Daddy never seen this before, so it was nice to have it and check, is it good. In the Candyland Daddy and Sammie wanted to eat everything. So many sweets looked really tempting :) This store had a few levels and Daddy had to check everything. Beside the toys for girls and for boys they saw T-shirst and hats, mugs and lunch boxes. Everything. Then we went to the games section - Sammies favorite one. As a first Sammie checked the Disney Infinity game and the Amiibo :) But the most time Sammie was looking at the Mario games from Nintendo, and Minecraft. In Hot Wheels section Sammie saw a lot of different cars and sets with cars. And, of course, he didnt missed the Nerf guns :) This day was really amazing for Sammie. He got just one toy from Lego, but still he was really happy, that he could see so many lovely toys and sweets. He had a lot of fun there. Please stay with us and watch our video :)\r
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