Super Mario Bros. - The Disastrous Debut of Video Game Movies

  • 6 years ago
Hollywood’s various attempts to cash in on gaming franchises rarely goes well. Although there have been a few good movie adaptations of video games out there, it’s difficult to turn the magic of game play into a two-hour film.

This trend started back in 1993, when games like “NBA Jam” and “Star Fox” were all the rage. It was also when the movie adaptation of “Super Mario Brothers” was made. It’s the Mario movie no one asked for. There have been many different media adaptions of the Mario world. Animation is the perfect way to portray video games in movies/television. But live action doesn’t really have the same payoff.

The movie’s setting has more of a sci-fi, dystopian feel than what the mushroom kingdom usually does. The world clashed terribly with giant dinosaurs and mushroom kings. They tried to bring real world elements into the cartoonish setting of the game instead of just embracing what it is. It was supposed to show that that playing videos games could be perceived as productive, but, when it comes to Nintendo, game play comes first, the movie’s world sort of distracts from all the nostalgia. Instead of trying to turn Mario into something he’s not, they should have just embraced the beloved Nintendo aesthetic.