BART Releases Video of Fatal Police Shooting in Oakland

  • 6 years ago
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) released bodycam footage on February 21 showing the fatal January 3 shooting of Shaleem Tindle, a man who was fighting near West Oakland StationThe video was released after Tindle’s brother uploaded a clip of the footage in a Facebook post where he described the killing as a “murder” and said that Tindle was shot in the back and was unarmed. BART said that the clip was recorded when Tindle’s family were shown the footage and described the social media posts of the video as “leaks”.BART Police Chief Carlos Rojas said that a gun was found at the scene and that the released footage shows the weapon. He also said that the officer who was wearing the bodycam had heard reports of shots fired and ran toward the sound of gunfire. Rojas also said that by the time the officer arrived, the man who was struggling with Tindle for control of the gun had already been shot.The conviction of a BART officer for shooting a unarmed black man in Oakland prompted looting in 2010. Credit: BART via Storyful