Mandalay Bay renumbering floor associated with Las Vegas shooting

  • 6 years ago
The 32nd floor at Mandalay Bay, strongly associated with the Oct. 1 shooting, is going away. A shooter used a suite on the 32nd floor to kill 58 people at a Oct. 1 concert across the street. The floor wing where the shooter’s suite is located is still closed, the company said. Mandalay Bay is renumbering floors 31 through 34 and will now be called floors 56 through 59, MGM press service said Tuesday. The numbers will be changed by the end of the week, the company said. The 43-story building had an unorthodox floor numbering system before the shooting, counting 1 through 34 and 60 through 63. The Mandalay elevators will now indicate floors 1 through 30 and 56 through 63.