Kurama dera_ Setsubun Matsuri 2018 in Kyoto Japan.

  • 6 years ago
Every year, on February third the Setsubun festival is held in Japan. Over the years have been to many events in Kyoto and this year I went to Kurama Dera in the north of Kyoto. Sitting atop a mountain, it's a 960.47 meter or 3,151.14 ft steep climb to the Hondo. Although there is the option of using the cable car, you still have to climb some steeps steps.
Setsubun is celebrated a bit differently here in that there is no mamemaki (豆撒き) (literally "bean scattering"). Instead, sacred arrows are shot into the crowd. The primitive bow and arrows are made of a beach branch. Attached is a small colorful paper which is a lucky charm.
In spite of the steep climb there where many eagerly people hoping to catch one of the many arrows. It was a fun experience away from the downtown Kyoto crowds.