Latino Victory's anti-GOP ad backfires. Big time.

  • 7 years ago
THE COMMONWEALTH — National PAC the Latino Victory Fund bollixed a Virginia gubernatorial election ad against Republican nominee Ed Gillespie this week.

It shows four minority kids running from a white redneck driving a pickup truck bearing a Gillespie bumper sticker and Stainless Banner.

Problem is the ad, titled American Nightmare, was released a day prior to an actual American nightmare where an Uzbeki driver, who entered the U.S. via a green card lottery, mowed down eight people in a pickup truck in Manhattan.

The anti-Gillespie ad was pulled following the attack, but it did triple donations. For the GOP that is. Seems like the Latin Victory Fund's echo-chamber is insulated by an extra layer of tone-deafness.

But that's not to say the GOP ads aren't without flair. If they're to be believed, Democratic nominee and current Virginia deputy governor Ralph Northam is hell bent on uniforming all commonwealth zip codes to MS-13.