This Is Taipei's Most Famous Bowl of Braised Pork on Rice

  • 7 years ago
Grab a plastic fork and bow down before Jin Feng, the hole-in-the wall that touts super-authentic MINCED PORK RICE in the ZHONGZHENG District to reward your stomach for its long service to you.We can’t stress this enough: this is a no gimmicks, no frills spot.  The smells of minced pork emanating from this local store are of the kind that foodies salivate over and passing travelers instantly discover. Spoiler alert: you’ll find the source of these tempting wafts a city block down from CHIANG KAI-SHEK MEMORIAL.And sure, everything else on the menu is great, like the steamed greens and hard boiled eggs dipped in soy sauce. But it’s the gut-busting, fatty, aroma of the minced pork that will render any shred of self-control you had, utterly useless once your nose is in range. And the whole thing is so cheap you may just start eating here regularly.Sure, regularly can mean five times in one day.