Counter-Protesters Outnumber White Nationalists in Shelbyville

  • 7 years ago
Hundreds of white nationalists marched through Shelbyville, Tennessee, on Saturday, October 28, while hundreds more counter-protesters rallied across the street.There was a heavy police presence for the White Lives Matter rally, the first of two planned to take place in Tennessee on Saturday and organized by the League of the South. The second rally that was planned for Murfreesboro was later canceled.In addition to the police patrolling the two protests, there were officers with long guns spotted on nearby buildings, a news report said.Those attending either rally in Shelbyville were required to cross through multiple checkpoints before being penned into an area patrolled by police. White nationalists were seen carrying police-style riot shields.
At least 160 white nationalists and 300 counter-protesters attended the two rallies, a news report said.This video, which was originally streamed live on Facebook, shows views of the protest from the counter-protesters area across from white nationalists. Credit: Facebook/Andrew McFadyen Ketchum via Storyful