Demand at "Guntoberfest" unaffected by Las Vegas mass shooting

  • 7 years ago
America’s worst mass shooting has done nothing to diminish demand for weapons; indeed since Las Vegas there has been a run on certain types of firearm and accessories, like at the Guntoberfest arms fair in Pennsylvania.

“I don’t think there’s any legislation that could be passed right now that would stop an evil person from committing a heinous act. None, whatsoever. There are over 20,000 gun laws on the books in the United States of America right now,” says gun merchant Dave Zeller.

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“There’s always people who will get them illegally if they are regulated. The problem isn’t making more regulations, the problem is enforcing the ones that exist,” said one male visitor.

Demand has spiked in particular for “bump stock” attachments that convert semi-automatic rifles into fully-automatic machine guns, used to such deadly effect in the Las Vegas outrage.

Who needs a ‘bump stock’ anyways? #BumpStock #BumpStockBan— ᏂᎥᏝᏝᏗᏒᎩ 4 ᎮᏒᎥᏕᎧᏁ (@Obielicious) 6 octobre 2017

Would a bumpstock ban change anything? This tweeted video appears to suggest not…complete with music

“I would support restrictions on these bump stocks, I see no reason for anyone to have those. That’s a war weapon,” said one female visitor.

It seems even some Republican politicians agree, and there have been calls across the political spectrum for the stocks to be banned, which explains in part why they are currently flying off the shelves.

How about a compromise? Tie a #bumpstock ban to the 20-week abortion ban to see just how much the Democrats really value human life.— MaydnUSA (@MaydnUSA) 6 octobre 2017

A typical tweet illustrating how the guns issue permeates into other, unrelated political issues in America