Learning Emergency Vehicles - Ambulance, Fire Trucks & Police Cars Names and Siren Sounds for Kids

  • 7 yıl önce
Lets learn great Emergency Vehicles! Best Ambulance trucks, Fire Engines and police cars for kids!\r
1. hospital emergency services vehicle 0:01\r
2. ambulance truck 0:14\r
3. ambulance van 0:27\r
4. rescue helicopter 0:39\r
5. fire engine 0:58\r
6. fire department vehicle 1:18\r
7. motorcycle 1:30\r
8. fire department helicopter 1:48\r
9. tical police unit 2:04\r
10. police jeep 2:17\r
11. police van 2:34\r
12. squad car 2:47\r
13. police helicopter 3:01\r
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