• 7 лет назад
Hey Bargain Family! My sisters getting married and asked me to help her come up with inexpensive decor pieces for her wedding. I decided to do just that and record these items as I make them. Think it would be helpful to some of you out there. In this tutorial, Ill be showing you how to create this beautiful light up centerpiece. The centerpiece itself, without the flowers, cost a total of $4. $1 for the vase, stand, diamond wrap and gems. Youll need batteries to operate the stand and glue. I had both already but if you need them you can purchase both the batteries and glue at Dollar Tree. Just because you arent getting married doesnt mean these items wouldnt work for you either! Its a great decor piece for your home too. I hope you enjoy the video. Please make sure to thumbs up this video, if you want to see more wedding D.I.Ys.\r
Items used:\r
Cylinder Vase\r
Light Up Display Stand -Needs two AA batteries to operate. Can be purchased at DT.\r
Diamond Wrap 6ft \r
Acrylic Gems\r
Floral Gel Beads\r
Super Glue Fix-All \r
2 White Rose Bushes\r
1 Dahlia Rose Bush\r
Scissors \r
Hot Glue Gun*\r
Items marked with a * cant be purchased at Dollar Tree.