Hair makeover: Depressed teen gets stunning hair makeover from helpful hairdresser
  • 7 years ago
WATERLOO, IOWA — An Iowa hairdresser is getting a standing ovation from the internet after giving a depressed teenager a winning hair makeover.

In a post on Facebook, Kayley Olsson recounts how the 16-year-old went into the salon with densely tangled and matted hair, and asked her to just cut it all off.

The teen had apparently been suffering depression for years, getting to a point where she felt so worthless she couldn’t take care of her own hair, and only left her bed to use the bathroom.

Though classes aren’t for another few weeks, the depressed teenager had to take school photos on August 8, and chopping her hair off would be the easy fix.

Olsson was heartbroken from the teen’s tale and decided to help, but not by shaving off her hair. Olsson spent over 13 hours split between two days untangling and transforming the young girl’s locks.

It was all worth it, since the stunning makeover brought a much needed smile to the teen’s face, making her feel like herself again.

Olsson ended her Facebook post with a reminder that mental health is a serious issue that shouldn’t be ignored. The post has since been shared more than 75,000 times.