If Russell Crowe is game, Ridley Scott wants to make GLADIATOR 2

6 years ago
I think if Russell Crowe is on board.then everyone would be game for a GLADIATOR sequel. Hopefully Ridley Scott can make it work after his six ALIEN .
In this episode of Pick of the Flicks, Tony discuses What We Know So Far about Gladiator 2 - the long awaited sequel to the Best Picture Winner Gladiator .
So what if Russell Crowes Maximus dies at the end of Gladiator? That wont stop him from returning in a sequel. This is Hollywood after all, and if there is a way .
Its been 17 years since Gladiator came out but Ridley Scott still has an idea on how to bring Russell Crowes Maximus back from the dead. See video for details.