Video Released of Plane Engine Engulfed in Flames at Chicago O'Hare Last Year

  • 7 years ago
Video released by the Chicago Fire Department shows fire crews dousing an American Airlines plane after its engine burst into flames on the tarmac at Chicago O’Hare on October 28, 2016.A report from the NTSB on the incident says that the right engine of the Miami-bound Boeing 767-300 caught fire after a “high pressure turbine disk fractured into at least 4 pieces… One piece went through the inboard section of the right wing, over the fuselage and into a UPS warehouse facility.” The plane was immediately stopped and evacuated and firefighters began spraying foam within 3 minutes of being notified. According to the NTSB only one person out of 170 passengers and crew aboard was seriously injured. Credit: Chicago Fire Department via Storyful