Iraqi Drama Students Perform Play in Damaged Building of Fine Arts in Mosul

  • 7 years ago
Drama students have performed the first theater play in the damaged Institute of Fine Arts building in Mosul city since the area was recaptured from Islamic State militants, as seen in this July 27 video.The students performed a play titled Tickets and Passengers. The play was written and directed by institute teacher Thafer Sabah. The aim of the play is to send a message to Mosul people to rebuild Mosul city, Sabah says during the video.Life should continue and art should not stop because of any crisis, the directer of the institute of fine arts Falah Hamdoun says in the video.A student named Ahmad Falah says at the end of the video that it was the first performance in the damaged building after the recapture of Mosul, and it was a message that they will continue to build a better future for the city. Credit: YouTube/Al Mawsleya via Storyful