Tom Brady Addresses Gisele Bündchen's 'Concussion' Claims

Tom Brady has finally broken his silence on his wife’s controversial concussion claims.

Maybe you forgot, but back in May Gisele Bundchen told an interviewer that her quarterback husband had suffered multiple concussions in his career despite never having been listed with a head injury.

But the football star cleared the air on ESPN, saying she’s a very concerned wife and she’s very loving.

But she also knows how well he takes care of himself.

Back during Gisele’s interview, she said one of Brady’s concussions took place in 2016… and then she said the kind of aggression he goes through is not healthy for the body. And she plans on having him be healthy and still doing things together when they’re 100.

At the time, Brady’s agent quickly responded and said Tom has NOT suffered any undisclosed concussions during the last season.

Brady, who turned 40 in August, previously said he would like to play football professionally until he’s 45.