Scarlett Johansson Discusses Stigma Surrounding Women Sex Talk

  • 7 years ago
Hey, Scarlett Johansson isn’t afraid to discuss the fact that she enjoys sex, and she’d like to take away that stigma for other women as well.

She dishes to Cosmopolitan magazine about the well-known double standard, saying, “When women talk about enjoying sex, it’s almost forbidden. Just having a healthy sexual attitude, you are labeled as loose, wild, a slut.”

Scarlett has a point. It is 2017, and we’d like to think that most circles are a little more open minded these days… Just look at successful relationship podcasts featuring women discussing this constantly.

But Scarlett tells the magazine about the stigma, saying, “You have no morals, and you’re seen as some kind of sexual deviant or someone who can’t be in a monogamous relationship. The minute you talk about enjoying yourself, being curious, that is still taboo.”

We’re sure Scarlett’s take will reach a large platform and definitely get people talking.