Charlie Wilson Uncut: Working with Snoop Dogg, Kanye, Pharrell & Consequences of Drugs
  • 7 years ago
Through all the ups and downs, Charlie Wilson has always kept a positive attitude and made things fun. Out promoting his new memoir “I Am Charlie Wilson,” we hear the classic Gap Band front man speak candidly on everything from his incredible friendship with Snoop Dogg to 20 years sober to his take on people glorifying drugs in music.

Just finishing up playing Essence Festival for the ninth year in a row, Wilson speaks on always keeping things fun as he outlines some of his favorite Gap Band memories. From record executives telling him he was washed up to finding a genuine friendship with Snoop Dogg, Wilson explains how their relationship started and all the things that Snoop has done for him.

With more hits than most modern day artists, Wilson outlines his experiences working with some of the industries greatest in Pharrell, Kanye and even Pimp C.

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