Lena Dunham's Medical Issues Cause Her to Miss Planned Parenthood Gala

  • 7 years ago
Lena Dunham has decided to take things slow… so she had to skip Planned Parenthood’s 100 anniversary gala just a day later.

The Girls star, who experienced a medical issue stemming from her battle with endometriosis at Anna Wintour’s fashion party, still needs her bed rest. So she is currently resting at home.

But not to worry, her parents were at the Planned Parenthood gala to show their support.

Lena has voiced her support for the organization throughout the years, even going into great detail during one of her podcasts about how she gives back to them when possible.

But back in 2016 she stepped in it when she said that she wished she had an abortion, and she issued an apology days later when the media put her on blast for saying such a controversial statement.

Nevertheless, she is still one of Planned Parenthood’s most fervent supporters and we’re sure she’ll be at their gala next year.