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Desert of Skeletons. Himba People Tribes - Planet Doc Full Documentaries

In this documentary we meet The Himba tribe who lives in Namib Desert.

Seven hundred kilometres northwest of Chonwati, in a remote, mountainous region called Kaokoland, lie semi-arid lands where a cattle-rearing tribe has settled permanently.

The Himba are one of the most interesting, and most intact tribal groups in Africa. They have a reputation as the most competent herdsmen in Africa. This is what they are famous for, but their success is not due to their knowledge of cattle alone, but also to their organisation and social relations.Himba society is organised according to the principle of dual lineage. All Himba people are born into the matriarchal clan of their mother and the patriarchal clan of their father. Lineage on the mother's side determines inheritance of material wealth, including the cattle, while the father's side decides how groups are organised, and the structure of authority. Opembe is a small settlement inhabited by just two families. Yakujá Yambirú is the Omuyona, or clan chief. Yakujá is married to Wazindi Kiruá, and together they have had three children. The oldest, Navizó, is responsible for the cows, and will inherit them. The youngest son is called Kamá Iguan, and he is in charge of looking after the goats.
Today is a special day in Opembe. Komané has had her first menstruation the Esuko and this is celebrated with a dance, attended by all the women from the neighbouring villages. When a girl has her first period, her father will remove the bracelets made of vegetable fibres, which she wears around her wrists and ankles. He then cuts off her braids, and places on her head the Ekori, the women's headdress. Komané is now ready to get married, and her parents will decide who should be her future husband.

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