Who were the British deep state spies that tried to get close to Atatürk?

  • 7 yıl önce
ADNAN OKTAR: MI6, the British foreign intelligence agency, was watching Atatürk very closely through three specially-trained spies at the time. One of the most trusted British spies was of Turkmen, in other words, Turkish descent. He could speak Turkish, Russian, Tatar, Romanian, German and British. He was specifically chosen for his multilingualism. He was running a coffeehouse in Istanbul, near Galata. This coffeehouse was also frequented by figures that are close to Mustafa Kemal. All Kemalist meetings would be held in there. And the owner of the coffeehouse would convey all the secret plans discussed there to the British. He would listen in on their conversations to gather intelligence. Sometimes, he would personally take part in their discussions as well. Due to the risk of him being unmasked, in 1923, MI6 helped him escape to Poland. The second British spy opened a tailor shop again near Galata, Istanbul in 1921 and managed to become the tailor of the unionists and those who are close to Atatürk. He was a renowned tailor. He could visit the Turkish foreign affairs at will, under the pretense of taking measurements from his customers. He would gather intelligence and then convey them to the British. But when one of his informants in the foreign affairs was caught, he too was taken to Egypt by MI6.  There were innumerable British spies at the time. But today, there are at least a hundred times more spies in the employment of the British deep state.


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