Mariah Carey Reportedly Splits With Bryan Tanaka

  • 7 years ago
Mariah Carey's love life isn’t getting any better.

According to TMZ, she split with her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka after just five months of dating.

Apparently Bryan felt jealous and threatened by her friendly relationship with ex-husband Nick Cannon...

Considering he's the father of their children, it's like, what'd you expect dude?

Nevertheless, TMZ reports that Mariah's former boyfriend felt "disrespected" when she chose to attend the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, and Tanaka would "lash back" by flirting with other ladies.

Also, Mariah reportedly got annoyed when having to pay for her boyfriend’s bling.

As for Nick Cannon, he was skeptical from the get go. According to Us Magazine, he reportedly thinks her whole Mariah's World reality show is scripted and didn't buy the story line.

In other words: Good riddance, Bryan Tanaka.