Dog saves bird: pet terrier in Iceland spots unconscious wild bird and runs for help - TomoNews

  • 7 years ago
KÓPAVOGUR, ICELAND — A small pet dog spotted a little bird in dire straits, and rather than watch it die, he went in search of help.

Diamond, a Jack Russell terrier, had just come in from a walk with his owner, Gunnar. Just minutes after Gunnar sat down at his computer, Diamond ran over, whining. Not understanding why, Gunnar initially waved off his pooch, but the little dog was persistent, and eventually Gunnar gave in and followed Diamond to check things out.

Lying outside on the floor of their balcony was a tiny bird, who appeared to be dead. But when Gunnar noticed it blink, he quickly gathered it up and tried to bring it back to life with some water and birdseed. Incredibly, the bird was flapping its wings again in no time, and when Gunnar was about to let it go, the bird flew over to Diamond and landed on his head. A show of thanks, if you will. The two then shared a few friendly kisses, and Gunnar named the bird “Bibi.” He then left Bibi outside to encourage her to return to the wild.

Apparently, Bibi wanted one last sleepover with Diamond, and so Gunnar arranged for it. The next day, Bibi took flight and flew high in the air. Gunnar says now, whenever he asks “Where’s Bibi?” Diamond hops on the couch and looks out the window for his pal.