AdBlock | Block Ads With Just a Swipe

  • 7 years ago
Are popups on your iOS device driving you crazy? Are you frustrated that the apps you’ve downloaded for free, come with the nuisance of pesky advertisements? A lot of our favorite apps have the added benefit of being free, but there’s usually just one catch – you have to suss through the advertisements that take over your phone. The worst is when you accidentally click one and it takes you to an entire new webpage. Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to exit out of a popup, but you click on it instead. Fortunately AdBlock has the solution to let you surf the internet in peace and without hassle.

For iOS mobile users only, AdBlock’s conveniency ensures that your internet browsing or game playing will go uninterrupted and without invasive ads. AdBlock also works with, not just Safari, but every app to make your user experience more enjoyable and disruption-free. In addition, AdBlock will also remove banners, popups, and video ads, regardless if you’re connected to WiFi or Cellular data.