Inside Week 9: Corinne Olympios Breaks Down & Goes On Epic Rant After Shocking ‘Bachelor’ Elimination

  • 7 years ago
Top 3, top 3, top 3! Nick Viall finally had a rose ceremony (after literally weeks of random eliminations), but of course, with The Bachelor having only an hour episode this week, it lasted all of 5 minutes – so let’s just hop right to it.
After apologizing to his ex, Andi Dorfman, about his last fantasy suite experience (who could forget that disaster?), and getting some last minute tips about how to go into the next phase of his Bachelor journey (in other words, Andi basically told him to sleep with the women if he wants to. Yep, you read that right), Nick was ready to say goodbye to one unfortunate lady.
First up off the chopping block was Raven, followed by Rachel (which is honestly upsetting at this point because we know she’s not making it to the end since she’s the next Bachelorette). Then it was time for Nick to give out his final rose.
With Vanessa and Corinne waiting in the wings, the last lady to hear her name called was none other than…Vanessa, which ultimately meant Corinne’s time on the Bachelor was officially over.
But, not before she busted into tears and excessively apologized to Nick (for what? We don’t know, and frankly neither did Corinne).
Anywho, after saying her goodbyes, Corinne made her exit in the most Corinne way possible as she promised in her tear-filled limo ride home that she was done trying to show men that she supports them, and was ready for someone to support her!
However, before she could even truly tap into the crux of her feminist rant, and believe me it seemed like she was really going somewhere with it, it was lights out for Ms. Olympios as she fell asleep, right there in the middle of talking about never trying to impress a man again. #OhCorinne
Welp, thanks for the memories, Corinne. After a season truly built upon your greatest moments, I have to say, you will be missed!
The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.
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