Working BGM · Jazz BGM you want to listen to in the morning's good time 【Relax】作業用BGM・朝の気持ちいい時間に聴きたいジャズBGM 【リラックス】

  • 7 年前
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It has up to sleep for the BGM ・ music therapy, healing music.
And save up a lot of stress during the day, but it will no longer falling asleep mid-people and night.
By using the music for sleep, become the dominant "parasympathetic" of the body, to stabilize the autonomic nervous system.
Was in the tense state body becomes relaxed state, you can improve the falling asleep at night.
Stress is glad Once you get used to the power of to those who he troubled with insomnia, poor physical condition due.

□ the mental and physical symptoms that come from stress?

〇 Headache, neuralgia
〇 insomnia
〇 Dysautonomia
〇 Bulimia, anorexia
〇 Stomach pain, stomach ulcer
〇 Depression
〇 Irritable bowel syndrome can cause a variety of diseases.
In order to stress does not fall into a vicious cycle that produces stress, please try to support at an early stage.

Thank you very much.

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☆心と体に優しい音楽 (睡眠用音楽・リラクゼーション音楽・ヒーリング音楽) を公開しています。


社会不安障害・憂鬱・気力低下・活力低下・意欲低下・過呼吸・ストレス性の頭痛・胃痛・便秘 など