The ABCD Song For Children | Phonic Sounds Of Alphabets | Learn ABC | British Kids Songs

  • 8 years ago
Learn the alphabet WITH examples in this ABCD Song whilst taking a trip past BUCKINGHAM PALACE + riding the LONDON EYE with Cat and Caterfly!\r
With this ABC Song for Kids, children can learn phonic sounds of the alphabet and develop language skills necessary to build an understanding of the English language whilst learning their ABCs.\r
The ABCD Song For Children Lyrics\r
A is for Apple\r
B is for Boat\r
C is for Cat\r
D is for Dog\r
E is for Egg\r
F is for Frog\r
G is for Goat\r
H is for House\r
I is for Ice\r
J is for Jam\r
K is for Kite\r
L is for Lion\r
M is for Monkey\r
N is for Nose\r
O is for Orange\r
P is for Pear\r
Q is for Queen\r
R is for Rabbit\r
S is for Sock\r
T is for Tower\r
U is for Umbrella\r
V is for Violet\r
W is for Water\r
X is for X-Ray\r
Y is for Yacht\r
Z is for Zebra\r
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