Turnout crucial to Hungary referendum result

  • 8 years ago
Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban did but the question is how many other Hungarians will?

Opposition parties have urged their supporters not to vote at all in a controversial referendum on whether Hungary should accept migrant quotas dictated by the EU.

In the run up to the vote Orban has been telling Hungarians that migration fuels terrorism and it appears that the majority of those who say they’ll vote agree with him.

“If the EU does not accept that the countries decide themselves, the referendum is necessary. Hungarians will decide if they want or they don’t want it. In this regard it’s justified,” one voter said.

“You have to ask the people’s will about all important matters affecting the country. This affects all of us, our children, our grandchildren. Nobody can decide without us,” another voter said.

Preliminary results are expected around 1800GMT but unlike most votes, the figure everyone is watching closely is the turnout figure.