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Madden NFL 17 Franchise | Philadelphia Eagles | Crazy Injuries! Ep2

SGO Leagues
SGO Leagues
Madden 17 Philadelphia Eagles Franchise Episode 2. In this series I will breakdown the rosters, draft strategy and X's and O's I use to build a winner. This won't be easy as I am apart of the highly competitive SimStandardRadio League featuring top sim players and EA Gamechangers . I will feature 1-3 videos each week of not only gameplay but team details and CFM tips & roster strategies so you guys can improve along the way. In the end my aim to do the one thing the Eagles have never done......win a Superbowl.


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To help out during the run game, users can turn on the optional Threat Cone, which looks like last year's Tackle Cone. Through this the game calculates the angle and distance of an oncoming defender, figures out the ball carrier's special move ratings and what he's good at, and prompts the player to push the appropriate button (like spin move, juke, stiff arm, etc.) at the right time.

Special moves also breakout into four categories. Sprint moves (R-trigger + special move) are fast moves that only work against one defender at a time. Standard moves (no modifying button + special move) are slower and work against multiple defenders. Precision moves (L-trigger + special move) are the slowest moves you can make, but can be used to fake out unlimited defenders. Finally, steerable moves (both triggers + special move) are the most controllable since you can point the direction you want to go in (although spins, jukes, back jukes, and trucks are not steerable).

Tackle Battles are also controlled by ratings this year. If you're being gang tackled you have a short window to hit a specific button prompt to break out of the gang tackle. This was done automatically last year. Hitting the Tackle Battle button also applies to defenders making the tackle.


After years of trying, Madden 16's physics finally brought more realism to the game's hits and tackles. However, Dickson admits not everything on the field got converted to the new physics system, such as the football itself. Now he says the ball is in the "same universe" as the players.

For years the ball would snap to a player's hand in a catch even though in the process the ball might be pulled through a defender. Now it will collide with body parts and be knocked out when appropriate.

Since the ball is reacting to more objects, there are more drops for receivers in traffic, and initiating a possession catch in traffic (and alternately not doing run-after-catch in traffic) is more important.

Since there is no scripting for the path of the ball, it bounces differently after tips. EA made new animations for reacting to tips, attempted and successful fumble recoveries, and knee/ankle/sliding catches. Also, the player models can move their arms better to track the ball.


The defenders' gap awareness now means that offensive linemen must zone block defenders coming through those gaps. This is not only an added AI responsibility, but it also enables the creation of cutback lanes for running backs. It will be interesting to see how linemen respond to defenders attacking gaps, and whether identifying defenders on the edge and in space is something they can do this year.


EA is redoing players' cleats and gloves, and offering new sleeve options.

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