Haleem Daigh (Lentil Stew) | Home Cooked | Lahore Street Food II | Cooked for 100 People

  • 8 years ago
Dedicated to my friend & brother "Hansosashi07" from Leads UK. Wish you were with us to enjoy the daal & naan (Khabey).
This was one of the items on my foodie checklist. The spicy lentil stew for 100 people cooked by professional chefs at my Dad's Home. We had great time watching the lentil stew being cooked. It is best had with fresh baked naans (Baked Flat Bread). The stew was aromatic and quite spicy. We distributed it with naan at one on the local Mazaar. Give the video a thumbs up, if you want to see more videos like these.

After searching for good gol gappa place we came across this street stall near where we live and had a revelation. The gol gappay were fresh and crispy, but the high light was the khata pani (Tangy Drink) which was cold and mildly flavoured with dried apricot and tamarind. Yummmm.

Taste: 5 Starz
Price: Priceless

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