‘Traingate’ fiasco sees pits billionaire Richard Branson against UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

  • 8 years ago
LONDON — Footage British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claimed shows he couldn’t get seat on a Virgin train has come back to bite him in the arse after the rail company and Virgin group founder Richard Branson disputed his claims that the train was “ram-packed.”

According to the Guardian, Corbyn said the train was “completely ram-packed” and he couldn’t get a seat. In original video, Corbyn can be seen sitting on the floor, arguing his policy pledge for public ownership of British trains.

On his official Twitter account, however, Branson said Corbyn walked “past empty unreserved seats.” That tweet included a link to a Virgin press release featuring CCTV images that the company says show Corbyn and his aides passing several reserved and unreserved seats before and after he was filmed.

Team Corbyn explained that while there were seats, Corbyn wanted to sit with his wife and couldn’t find two seats together. One of the filmmakers released footage showing Corbyn walk past more seats and tweeted out photos of other passengers he said had to sit on the floor.

On Wednesday, Corbyn hit back at Branson, saying he aims to re-nationalize train operators if he becomes elected.