Gigantic UFO Spotted Near ISS- Conspiracy Theories Abound Over Video Clip- Alien UFO Cover-Up

  • 8 years ago
Mystery UFO spotted near International Space Station NASA shuts as gigantic UFO appears/visits ISS

A UFO has been spotted near the International Space Station in footage broadcast after astronauts evacuated part of the orbiting craft. Alien spotters noticed a strange object disappear behind the ISS, reigniting bizarre claims that the space station is actually a place for aliens to come out hang out with humans.

Footage of the UFO was shown on the news channel CBS, sparking furious debate among online conspiracy nuts. It is not clear whether the film was stock footage, or taken from NASA's live feed. Some claimed it showed a UFO entering the Earth's atmosphere, whilst others speculated that ET's friends in the emergency services might be on hand to help out the evacuating astronauts. Space gazers are forever spotting strange objects near the ISS, though they are often explained away as space debris.

NASA has also been accused of covering up existence of aliens, with conspiracy theorists claiming it cuts live video streams whenever a strange spacecraft floats into view. Unfortunately for believers in extra-terrestrial life, the latest UFO could actually be anything from a weather balloon to a cloud or a blob of ice. It may even be earthbound, as it appears to be moving at the same speed as the planet.

Still it's always nice to see a proper unidentified flying object which is exactly what this is until NASA tells us otherwise.