AdBlock Browser, Google Street View, Puzzle Craft 2, Android Wear, and Android Wear

  • 9 years ago
Welcome to 5 apps to try this week. It is September 18 and we are here to show you a mobile a browser that removes ads websites, a new take on Google Street View, and three other interesting apps to give a go. But first we have the Android Wear app for iOS. Google has developed this app for owners of android wear who want to connect it to an iOS device - letting you have an apple in you pocket and an android on your wrist. Although it has some limitations this is great news for wearable fans who aren't yet convinced by Apple's offerings. Next this week we have a small game that mixes genres in an interesting way - Puzzle Craft 2. While match three puzzles and a city building in a similar style to SimCity may sound like they have nothing in common, Puzzle Craft 2 has you matching blocks to create resources to further develop your town. If you need more building materials for houses match stones, or if your people are hungry match grains - letting you create your dream city one puzzle at a time. Third we have a new app - kind of - because Google Street View is now a stand alone app. Yes, you heard right, Google has taken the service offered in Google Maps and Google Earth and given its its own app. Now you can travel the world from your couch and work out just how lost you are with a street level view of buildings, road and landmarks ... The app is actually an update to Google’s Photo Sphere Camera, and incorporates this services 360 degree camera to help you build up Google’s catalog of panoramic city pics. And honestly after that Google is just a noise to me… meaningless. Next up we have an app that really caught my attention as a gamer. Called Mirrativ this Android app and gives you the ability to share your phone and tablet screen with anyone else on the service. Just open the application, select the game you want to stream, and away you go. It even lets you put a picture in picture image of you playing from your device's camera - perfect for showing the world you're concentrating face while you play Angry Birds. Our final app to try this week is AdBlock Browser, the browser that takes hides the ads on all the sites you visit. It can be a great thing to have the option to blocking ads from sites you don’t trust or visit often - especially with this browser also stopping malware. But while they do help with hassle free browsing, it basically means you are receiving the content from that site for free because ads are how content is now paid for online. Its up to you of course, but do think before filtering every site on the internet. That’s it for this week, recommendations, I will be back on Monday with your week in tech news. Until then subscribe, and have a look at our other great videos. See you next time.